We have 2 ways we can work together:

1. Link exchange. You will find down this page the available banners. Also you must contact us for a link exchange. At this time we do not use traffic exchange via scripts. An automatic link exchange script could be installed in the future. If you prefer this kind of traffic exchange please check back soon.

2. Affiliate program. If you have quality traffic you can convert it in real good money. For our affiliate system you can sign up here: http://suzykellner.org/affiliate-sign-up. At this moment we share a promotional 50% from initial sales and 50% from recurring sales. Cookies are available 30 days. This is a promotional offer. These parameters may change after the promotional period will end. The affiliates with more than 15 sales/month can claim special promotion tools, like photo zips, embeddable promo videos with personalized link track, etc.

Note: You can use these 2 option together. They do not exclude each other.

Promo tools:

1. Banners:

vertical 100x150

orizontal 468x60

orizontal 468x60

orizontal 468x80

orizontal 468x80

orizontal 468x100

cubic 150x150

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